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Why do RC Bash Ramps seem to be so expensive?


Our ramps are custom fabricated by highly experienced metal fabricators. It takes a lot of skill to fabricate metal correctly and it's a skill that is expensive to pay for. Unlike wood working, with metal fabrication you need very expensive equipment to do the job. For instance, most shops use a water jet or laser cutter which shapes and cuts out the metal. These can easily cost $100,000. To make an RC Bash Ramp you need one of these machines as well as others. On top of that there is the actual materials cost. We use a high grade aluminum which is quite expensive. Once you factor in the fabrication time and materials cost you will see that in reality our ramps are not as expensive as they seem. We are also proud to mention that we have never had a customer return their ramp and say it's not worth it. That says a lot.

























Can't I just make my own ramp out of wood?


Sure, in fact we believe if you have the skill set you should! Just remember though, even a correctly made wooden ramp will still cost you $100-$140. And remember, if you don't already have the tools to shape the wood, well you are going to need to buy those too. And finally, your wooden ramp once complete is going to be very heavy and not easily portable or lightweight like our system.


How much air can I get on an RC Bash Ramp?


The sky is really the limit. If you never jumped an RC car before we recommend taking it slow and learning to control your RC car while in the air. You do this through proper throttle control. Once you get the hang of it in no time you'll be doing back flips and catching huge air. If you watch our videos you'll see that we regularly jump 50+ feet and achieve not only single backflips but double and even triple backflips!


If you have any other questions shoot us an email: info@rcbashramp

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